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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

From foto to illo, what a strange trip it's been...

Well, what can I say. Busybusybusy. Home stretch of class; 2 weeks until major portfolio review and 4 weeks until it is all over. This Saturday is the Western Washington SCBWI's annual conference in Bellevue, where I will be rubbing elbows with the likes of Paul O. Zelinsky and Bruce Coville. (Well, I probably won't get to rub their elbows, but maybe I can get their autographs.) And June, one week in Portland to attend the Graphic Novel Intensive at Pacific Northwest College of Art, featuring the illustrious (ha ha) Scott McCloud!

Things have been picking up at a fast clip, in other words.

The photography has basically been put on hold...well, not from the point of view of my Flickr account, where I am uploading shots constantly...but that's a different kind of shooting from the work I used to do. It's gratifying, it appeases (for now) the part of me that has to always be getting the good shots, non stop (and this method is certainly easier on the budget than shooting an equivalent amount of film and then processing it.) Who knows when I will return to more serious traditional photography...perhaps someday in the near future I will have an actual house with a basement or shed where I can build a darkroom. Keep your fingers crossed for me...

Revamped the website; now the home page features a choice! You can either go and view my photography (which currently features the exact same site as before, originally designed by the lovely staceyb of frenettik) or you can follow the link to illustration, which currently leads...well, back here, or rather to my other blog. Soon I'm going to create a complete illustration site, but for now I have to focus on getting the portfolio ready, and it's enough that I just have something for people to look at when they visit my site.

Back to work!

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